EEI Training - Edison Electric Institute - Developed in conjunction with Skadden, Arps, Slate Meagher & Flom LLP
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Anti-Market Manipulation
Standards of Conduct

Common Questions

1) Who created the program?

The content for the training was developed by experts from the Edison Electric Institute and Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP. The technology behind the system was developed by Brick Factory.

2) How many of my employees can be trained through this tool?

As many as need to be trained. There is no limit to the number of employees that you can train through the system.

3) How do employees access the system?

The EEI Programs are entirely web-based. Employees will be given a URL through which they can access their company's training program.

4) How will my employees obtain accounts to access the system?

Each employee will have a distinct system account. Following is a breakdown of the options for obtaining usernames and passwords:

  • Companies can choose to have each of their employees register themselves. If this option is chosen, employees will be required to enter a company-wide password to gain access to the registration screen. From there, they will fill out all required personal and company information, and choose a specific username and password for themselves to log in with.

  • Companies may alternatively provide EEI with a spreadsheet containing all employee information. This spreadsheet can be uploaded to the system, and all employees will be able to automatically log in upon visiting the site.

5) Can the training modules/slides be customized?

There is a standard amount of company-specific customizations included in the purchase price of the training. Additional customizations are available upon request at an added cost.

6) How will employees know when they are finished?

Upon completion of the training, employees are provided with a printable certificate which shows that they have taken all required modules and quizzes. If requested, we can also provide a link for them to click on, which will take them to a verification page within your own Company Management System.

7) What happens if employees experience problems while taking the training?

As a part of the package, we offer technical assistance via telephone helpline, as well as a support email address which users can send questions to.

8) How will Company Administrators be able to track employee progress?

The training program has an extensive Administrative section, which can be used to track the progress of all employees taking the training. This section can also be used to generate company-wide progress reports, which can be downloaded into CSV spreadsheets.

9) Once our site is set up, how can I become better acquainted with the Administrative section?

All Compliance Contacts and Company Administrators will be offered a demonstration of the Administrative section upon request.

10) How can we request site updates?

The Administrative section also offers a contact field through which Company Administrators can request site updates to any company information such as Compliance Contacts, Energy Affiliates, Transmission providers, etc.

11) What happens after the initial training is complete?

All companies implementing the training will be offered yearly renewal packages at a reduced price. Retraining can serve as both a refresher course for previously trained employees, as well as an initial training course for any new employees. During the initial year of training, employees can review the training materials as often as they like.

12) Will there be an opportunity to give feedback once employees have completed the training?

We can provide a process for employees and/or administrators who have completed EEI Compliance Training to make suggestions on the content or format of the training process. This process can include a comment form or a phone number to call EEI. This would enable companies who have been audited by the FERC to share valuable suggestions and information with everyone.

13) How do I get more information and sign up?

Please feel free to request a demo on the main page of this site, and you will be contacted by a member of our team.

For an overview of the training, visit the About section. For a description of the topics covered, visit the Training Programs site area.

14) What is the cost for the training programs?

The cost for a one-year site license for each program is $20,000 for EEI members and $25,000 for non-members. Renewal fees are set annually in response to the required changes to the program, but are less than the first year fees. Customizations are priced on request, with a minimum charge of $2000. There is also a set-up fee for the Standard of Conduct Training.